Nuthin But Good Vibez.  That is what its all about.  Being of good energy and intention.  I wish only to love right and be a part of healings movement. Muzicz energy is so important and vital to our existence.  For it is through muzic we communicate completely.  As a young child I learned to love muzicz frequency.  My mother was an opera singer and would wake us at every sunrise with loves song.  The emotion and intention was love.  I too wish to love and spread loves message through my way and through the muzic the most high blesses me with.  In addition, I choose to be responsible with muzic and vow to give Nuthin But Good Vibez.  I pray that my energy is received harmoniously and that my purpose of love is received.  So enjoy.  Scroll down and listen.  You can also read my lyrics so as to KNOW who I am and what purpose each muzical energy possesses.

Be with me.  Stay with me.  Allow loves energy embrace you in ways that heal.

I love you

Kebede Adrien

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love with me

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Reach out to me. Let me know what you need. 

4821 Lankershim Blvd #f459, NoHo Ca 91601

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Allow yourself to be aligned with frequencies that are healing.

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